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Himalayan Holidyers Travel Company:

Himalayan Holidayers is a best travel company which presents world class vacations for Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala, Amritsar, Chandigarh and Rajasthan. With above Fifteen years of skills in travel and tourism business it gives ideal travel connected services to get together the particular requirements of the guest. Himalayan Holidayers work as a Travel association Enterprise.

HimalayanHolidayers.com, Himachal’s leading online travel management company was founded in the year 2001 by Jeetender Bhardwaj. Created to empower the Domestic travellers with instant booking and comprehensive choices. It aimed to offer a range of best-value products and services along with cutting-edge technology and dedicated round-the-clock customer support.

We Help in Your Journey:

Last year about 20,000 travelers travelled through Himalayan Holidayers. It’s continue to grow by 30% every year. Our travel specialists will assist you with choosing where and what you’re after that holiday will be; aid you with any airline booking, present you information on the alternatives in traveling tourist attractions, and guarantee you have all of your journey documents in arrange before you leave. In reality, you will effort with our travel authority all through the complete procedure. You can in touch us via email or telephone for your travel requirements we also consider in Caring for you for all time.

Best Services Provide You:

With our fifteen years of skill in travel and tourism business it gives ideal travel related services to convene the particular requirements of the visitor in Himachal Pradesh. We consider when you are find out a new tourist objective in a exacting area you require a travel spouse who appreciates your travel requirements, a expert who identify about purposes and who concerns and who you can depend on, a travel partner whom you can confidence. The devoted advisor who pay attention to you cautiously about your requirements and suggests you whole travel solutions. All services will be given according to the package chosen and services. Give by that exacting Hotel for the Honeymoon Package.

Our Team

Vijay Kumar

He is the sales head for Himalayan Holidayers and he is the first employee we hired for this company. His experience speaks a lot as he is working with us from the last 15 years. In other words, we can say that he is the backbone of Himalayan Holidayers and we are more than satisfied for what he is doing for the company. Every single member of any organization speak for his company and Mr. Kumar has always did his best and we can say that he is excellent with the Sales as he is managing our Sales department very well from so long.

Sales Head

Dhani Ram

Mr. Dhani has a very good exposure of Multi National Companies for Hotels bookings. Before taking any package from a travel company we always check where are we going to stay? Is it a 3 star hotel or a 5 star hotel? Mr. Dhani is having a very good knowledge of the Hotels and has always makes our clients happy with the hotel services. He not only books the hotels for our clients, but also looks up to tie-ups with the new hotels for Himalayan Holidayers. He has been working with us from 4 years and there is a record that he has never failed in any duty.

Hotel Reservation Manager

Rahul Arora

Rahul Arora has completed his MBA in Digital Marketing and eCommerce from one of the best institutes of Himachal Pradesh. He has worked in Chandigarh in the big IT Company. He likes learning new everyday about the digital+marketing world and implementing new ideas. In his spare time, Rahul likes to explore and read more about the technology trends and travel stories. He likes to explore by interacting with people and learning about their culture and traditions. He believes in the idea of ‘Live and let live.
Connect him on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter for a quick chat.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Rajesh Sharma

Rajesh is really an asset to the operation team and to the Company. His connection with his work and with his colleagues is impeccable. He always keeps people around him cheered up. The best thing about Rajesh is that he knows his work very well and he is now on a mission to never settle in life with a continuous journey of learning and doing something different every day. According to him, upskilling himself is something he will never stop and his dream is to build an empire for himself one day.

Accounts Manager

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma, the vivacious B2B expert with an infectious smile. his jolly nature and love for adventure make him the perfect fit for the travel company's B2B division. With two years of experience, Rohit excels in forging meaningful partnerships and tailoring travel solutions that delight clients. His positive outlook and can-do attitude charm colleagues and customers alike. When not creating memorable experiences, Rohit explores new destinations, immersing himself in diverse cultures. With his boundless energy and passion, Rohit spreads joy throughout the team, making him the go-to person for all B2B travel needs.
B2B Manager

Prem Thakur

Prem Thakur, the cheerful master of operations in the travel industry. With over a decade of experience, he is the backbone of the travel company's smooth functioning. Prem's jolly nature and keen eye for detail keep everything running like clockwork. From coordinating logistics to ensuring flawless itineraries, he excels at handling the complexities of travel operations. His passion for travel and adventurous spirit inspire his team to go the extra mile. Whether it's a last-minute change or a challenging situation, Prem's positive demeanor brings a sense of calm. With his expertise and infectious laughter, Prem makes every travel experience a delightful journey.
Operation Manager
Our Services

Choose from 250 Destination from 20 best travel state


Book cheap and luxury hotels for business Conferences meeting and dinner party at best price within your Budget


Book cheap and luxury hotels at best price within your Budget

Transport Service

Transport services by an exclusive vehicle as per itinerary. Bus Station and Hotel Pickup, Assistance on arrival.

Best Hotel & Resorts Solutions In Manali, Shimla, Himachal, Nainital & Rajasthan

Adventures Sports

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Sight Seeing

Sightseeing in India - Himalayan Holidayers offers best deals on sightseeing tour packages for all beautiful places in India.

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